Friday, May 9, 2008

The Lunchtime "Sleeper"

BigBad employees seem to frequent the same places at lunchtime, however it never seems to fail that every couple of months I find another co-worker that is up to the opportunity to try something new. The most under-appreciate lunchtime spot in our neighborhood in my opinion thus far has to be the Sleeper Street Deli. Not only do they feature one of the best, if not THE best, wraps in the neighborhood with the Cuban Pork Wrap... they also have the best jumbo chocolate chip cookie in the 'hood too.

This past week I was able to convince Costa to give Sleeper Street a chance. I believe he order some sort of chicken wrap. Me? I went with the Cuban Pork Wrap. But here's the thing about the Cuban... you've got to ask the guys behind the counter if they have the fried plantain (or banana, as it is listed on the menu board). Without the plantain it is a completely different wrap. This wrap features an awesome blend of sweet and spicy. The pork is excellent and lean, the plantains sweeten each bite, and the jalopeno peppers add heat. All in all it's easily my favorite wrap at lunchtime. Try to get the short guy with the bald head and pirate hoop earrings to make it for you, he is the man.

When you go to pay, you will want to grab one of those over-sized chocolate chunk, chip and kiss cookies. They taste home made, they that great combination of crunch on the initial bite and then gooey insides. A much better cookie than those at Au Bon Pain, Flour and even Channel... which is saying quite a bit, because none of those other establishments are slouches when it comes to cookies.

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hthaiwon said...

I'll have to try the cookies from Sleep Street. I agree, nothing worse than a cookie slouch. But really, is there such a thing as a bad cookie?